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For exterior painting projects, Vivid Colors adopts a comprehensive approach, which begins with a thorough analysis of the surfaces to be painted, considering factors such as climate, the architectural style of the building, and the durability of paint choices. The preparation process is equally meticulous, involving power washing, scraping off old paint, making minor repairs, and priming surfaces to ensure the best possible adherence and longevity of the paint job.


Interior projects are approached with the same level of dedication and precision. The team at Vivid Colors understands that interior painting is not just about beautification but also about creating a space that reflects the personality and style of the occupants. Their services include moving and covering furniture, repairing any imperfections on walls, and ensuring a flawless application of paint for a stunning finish that breathes new life into every room.


Vivid Colors’ proficiency extends beyond painting to include comprehensive drywall services. Recognizing the pivotal role that walls play in the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of any space, they offer a suite of drywall services that includes installation, repair, and finishing. Whether addressing minor wear and tear, water damage, or undertaking complete installations for renovations or new constructions, Vivid Colors ensures that every drywall project is executed with precision and skill. The goal is always to create smooth, perfectly finished walls that form the ideal canvas for paint or any other wall treatment.


The journey with Vivid Colors begins with an in-depth color consultation, guiding clients through selecting the perfect palette to achieve their vision. This client-centered approach is maintained throughout the project, with ongoing communication to ensure that every detail aligns with the client’s expectations.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaningprofessional carpet cleaning

Struggling with persistent stains on your carpets and upholstered furniture? Vivid Colors is here to bring back the pristine condition of these key pieces in your home. Our expertise in carpet cleaning transcends ordinary spot treatment; we aim for comprehensive rejuvenation. By employing advanced cleaning techniques and specialized solutions, we tackle even the most challenging stains, ensuring your carpets are not just clean but also maintain their texture and color integrity over time. Our services are designed to extend the life of your carpets, preserving their beauty and ensuring they contribute positively to the overall ambiance of your space.


On the upholstery front, Vivid Colors adopts a meticulous approach that considers the delicate nature of different fabrics. Our team is skilled in identifying the most effective cleaning method for each material, ensuring that every piece, from your cherished sofa to the most frequented chairs, is treated with the utmost care. Using cleaning agents specifically formulated to be tough on stains but gentle on fabrics, we remove unwanted spots and restore the vibrant colors and softness of your upholstery. With Vivid Colors, experience a service where thorough cleaning comes hand in hand with fabric preservation, setting us a cut above the rest in carpet and upholstery care.

Carpet Repair & Stretching

Carpet Stretching

Carpet repair addresses various damages such as burns, stains, tears, and pet damage. A matching piece of carpet, usually taken from an inconspicuous area or a remnant, is cut to fit the removed section precisely. Then, the new piece is then attached using specialized techniques such as seaming or adhesive, ensuring it blends seamlessly with the existing carpet.


Carpet stretching is performed to remove wrinkles, bulges, or loose areas that can be tripping hazards and can prematurely wear the carpet.  Furniture and obstacles are removed to allow free access to the carpet. The carpet is detached from the tack strip along the edges.


Using a power stretcher, the carpet is stretched tightly from one end of the room to the other. The stretched carpet is then reattached to the tack strips, and any excess carpet is trimmed. The carpet is tucked back into place along the walls, and furniture is returned to the room.


Both carpet repair and stretching require specialized tools and expertise to achieve professional and lasting results. These processes can significantly improve the appearance of your carpet, eliminate hazards, and extend its useful life.



Vivid Colors can effectively address pet odors. We remove pet stains as well as dirt, dust, dander and hairs left by your pet, using special products and cleaning methods to absorb the chemicals that cause that musty smell. Your carpet will smell pleasant once all sources have been eliminated.

To keep loose pet hair and dander at bay, vacuum your carpets at least twice a week. and set up a regular professional cleaning schedule. If your pet urinates on the carpet by accident, make sure to book expert carpet cleaning as soon as possible.



What a great job Vivid Colors does on my rugs & furniture! Their staff is wonderful to work with and are very friendly & trustworthy! I have and will continue to recommend them to my family, friends, and real estate clients! Keep up the great work!

Donna Watson, Broker, Re/Max Twin Counties

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